Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Foam Ant Indicator

I recorded about six fly tying videos today then when I went to edit them I found that they were all badly lit and in poor focus, frustration loomed however instead of getting pissed I decided to try and have another look at what I've been doing in setting up my fly tying videos. I've always struggled with editing, basically the cameras I own aren't really up to the job and won't focus on the hook when zoomed so I have to film zoomed out then crop the video, this always ends up in a loss of video quality, add to this some bad lighting and it's a recipe for mediocre.

Anyway I decided to try something a little different from what I normally do and film from a first person perspective with my vice setup in front of a blue backdrop and although the same issues remain in the editing studio I think the overall result is a little better.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

High Water It Is Then

|Rising and coloured
I signed of my last post saying that I would fish today come hell or high water, the rain didn't let me down and by the time I jumped down the riverbank the water was rising steadily and well coloured. I don't really mind fishing these conditions but I wouldn't want to do it all the time.

I fished for the an hour or so into the darkness and although I didn't catch anything I did almost catch three trout. I started fishing a mini woolly bugger and quickly got my first take, the rod tip bounced round and the fish was gone. I then headed upstream but it proved fruitless so I took a walk back down to where I started, as I reached the tail of the pool the bugger took another wallop and again I failed to hook the fish or the fish itself however you look at it.

Switching from lure to dry fly the last take took me completely by surprise, as the fly ended it's drift a few feet from where I was stood a small trout launched itself at the fly but again it was missed. It was nice to be out on the river and I didn't mind the rain at all.

This time round I fished a #3 level line on the red pearl but to be honest it's far too light for the rod so I'll be switching back to something closer to #4.5 for my next outing whenever that is.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Saltwater Fail

On Friday the family wanted to visit a beach, great I thought I might have a chance at some rockpool fishing with the Red Pearl for some mini species. We set out after lunch heading for Fife, the town is mad right now with the Fringe Festival and there are tourists everywhere, when they say the Edinburgh population doubles they're not joking. After making our way through the crowds and onto the train we settled into what is always an enjoyable journey. I remember crossing the Forth on the train as a boy and being amazed that I was so far above the water in a train of all things. My daughter shares non of my childhood amazement and for her it seems pretty mundane, I guess she is exposed to much more amazing things than I was at her age.

Rain on it's way

As we arrived at the beach I went off for a quick look around for some rocks to fish later, rejoining the family after a quick scout the ceiling caved in and the rain that wasn't due for a few hours yet came crashing down and what a rainstorm it was. The beach was emptied within minutes as people ran for their cars, we instead headed for a nearby cafe. Unfortunately the cafe didn't accept card payments, having become so used to not carrying cash around I have to say I was surprised, I had a fiver so April at least got some fish'n'chips. Eventually the rain calmed down but in spite of my best and most convincing arguments I couldn't get the clan to agree to take a walk around the harbour, still doing my best to get some sort of fishing in.

The rest of the gang just wanted to head home, disappointed, I conceded and we went for the train....Cancelled.....all trains ??? this was turning out bad. No beach time, no fishing, no grub (for me at least) and now no train. To my surprise a train that was supposed to be cancelled showed up, sadly for others at the station who had been waiting a lot longer than us without a train it was announced the train wouldn't stop until Edinburgh.

I plan to revisit this area in the future to check out the harbour and maybe do some beach casting, it's a pretty spot.

Come hell or high water, tomorrow I FISH!!!