Monday, 22 September 2014

To be continued.....

I'm currently looking to make some changes in my life so fishing or to be more precise blogging will be taking a back seat. I do not expect to be updating thetroutfly for some time and my online activity will be more as a consumer rather than contributer,  some of my other sites will be closing as I try to reduce my output.

This blog will remain available as well as my YouTube channel however other sites and social media will probably disappear.

I just don't have enough time available to continue blogging as often.

Douglas, aka thetroutfly

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Stewart's Black Spider

Ok, Ok, so it's not technically tied to the book but I don't think that the fish really care what hackle you use. I uploaded this video to Youtube a couple of days ago demonstrating the way I tie this spider pattern, I don't have any Starling so I used hen, my local tackle shop (recently closed down) never had any Starling for the last year of business. I do however have a very nice hen cape died black with a nice sheen, perfect for this pattern. I've seen lots of various ways to tie this fly over the years and a few variations, I don't think it's anywhere near as popular as it once must have been but it's a great fly to have, small, black and scruffy, trout just love that. I hope you'll enjoy the video.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

There's A Caddis Loose Aboot This Hoose

Living on the banks of a river provides many great benefits, one is that I always know what the latest hatch is before I go fishing. A quick scout in on the patio and I have a good idea what flies will be needed for a fly session. For the past couple of nights there's been a Caddis flying around my bedroom, I released it this morning and this is the first sign that it's time to hit the vice and get a few tied up.

I missed the best of the Caddis hatch last season and given the availability of time it looks like I'll miss it again this year but it's always nice to see these wonderful flies on the river and in the house. Last year I had to remove dozens of them from my living room, it's true to say that the rest of my family do not share my fascination with river flies.

Over the last few days I've been tying some Balloons, Loopwings and Hairwings in the hope that I might find a couple of hours at the right time of day and manage a few splashy takes, here's hoping.

Hoping to wet this soon!