Monday, 22 July 2013

Float Fishing On The Union Canal

I was watching the brilliant Totally Awesome Fishing Show on Youtube last week and the temptation to go float fishing rather than hit the river with the fly got the better of me. Ground bait and maggots isn't really my thing (too messy) however watching a float dip beneath the surface is a lovely sight so why not.

I arrived at the canal around lunchtime and started with a walk (as usual), once I found a nice spot I baited up an area with the TAFS recommended ground bait of bread and oats before setting up my float rod. By the time I'd set up the rod and fed in a few maggots I could see that the swim was already very active and the roach were on the feed. My session got off to a flyer and only slowed after a boat went through at full speed and churned everything up. I waited about half an hour before the fishing picked up again but then another boat came through shortly after. I fished on for a while but it became quite slow so I moved to another spot and began to pick up fish again. For the last half hour I returned to my previous spot and the fishing slowly petered out and it was time to head. As I left I saw a family heading towards where I'd been fishing with all manner of fishing tackle, I hope they had some fun.

I made a short video of the days fishing.